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Join the Chen Lab!

Welcome graduate students, postdoctoral, and undergrad researchers! If you are excited about our science and interested in joining our lab, please send an email to Tai-Yen (tchen37@central.uh.edu) along with your CV, a list of references and a brief statement of why you are keen to join us!

Graduate and Undergraduate Students

In-house Training Programs
Our research program provides students with scientific training spanning from experiments, data analyses to scientific writing. Specific trainings are listed in the training programs (TPs).

TP1: Single-molecule Super-resolution Imaging Microscopy and Spectroscopy
Single-molecule techniques we employ include single-molecule fluorescence imaging, single-molecule FRET, single-molecule tracking, and super-resolution localization microscopy.

TP2: Molecular Biology
Molecular Biology techniques we employ include gene editing, cloning, generation and maintenance of stable cell lines, protein expression/purification, neuron culture, quantitative real-time PCR, and proteomics analyses.

TP3: Quantitative Analyses
Quantitative Analyses techniques we employ include matlab coding, image processing, simulation, and data regression analysis.

Postdoc Positions Available!

Candidates with strong backgrounds in neuron biochemistry/molecular biology and interested in live cell imaging are encouraged to apply!